Messenger specialized for business

Talk to any teammate in the organization chart instantly.

Share your documents, folders as well as contacts and locations.

  • 1Invite

  • 2Search name

    Search name
  • 3Share files

    Share files

The only business messenger connected to LINE

Talk to customers and partners through LINE. Communicate freely with LINE and LINE WORKS users.

  • 1Message rooms

    Message rooms
  • 2Message LINE users

    Message LINE users
  • 3Group message with LINE users

    Group message with LINE users

LINE stickers for smoother business conversation

Use LINE stickers to convey the right message and lighten up your business communication.

  • 1Business LINE stickers

    Business LINE stickers
  • 2

    Business LINE stickers

Communication for team and group

Collaborate across teams and organizations. 

Communicate in real time with your group members using message, voice, and video calls.

Group members can interactively share and co-author contents, such as meeting minute and team schedules by using Note.

You can also manage important files using Folder. Group manager can customize and manage the message room by using manage options.

  • 1Group message room

    Group message room
  • 2Note

  • 3Calendar

  • 4Folder

  • 5Manage group

    Manage group

Voice and video calls

You can either voice or video call up to 200 people.
Starting with one-touch join, you and remote participants can collaborate across devices and platforms with video conferencing.
(Group call in PC is available in beta)

  • 11:1 Voice call

    >1:1 Voice call
  • 2Group voice call

    Group voice call
  • 3Group video call

    Group video call

Screen sharing

Share your PC screen up to 200 teammates at the same time.
When sharing a PC screen, you can also use group voice・video call to give presentation to the participants at the online conference.
(Screen share is available in beta)

  • 1Screen sharing for video conferences

    Screen sharing for video conferences

Read receipts

View members who have read your message so that you can prevent teammates from missing important information.

  • 1View read member count

    View read member count
  • 2View members who read

    View members who read

Web browser messaging

Send messages from web browser as well as mobile and PC app.
You don’t need to install or update the app separately on the web browser. Also, you can use all Message functions in one page.

  • 1Web messaging

    Web messaging

Message bot development kit

Use Message Bot API to send notifications or let others to have conversation with the bot within Message.
Message Bot API is the most cost-effective alternative to SMS, allowing you to send notifications like Approvals, Reimbursements, and system status.
Without having to be forwarded to another feature, you can check or authorize Approvals directly at the message room.

  • 1Notification Bot (Sample)

    Notification Bot (Sample)
  • 2Request approval Bot (Sample)

    Request approval Bot (Sample)
  • 3Support Bot (Sample)

    Support Bot (Sample)
  • 4Technical FAQ Bot (Sample)

    Technical FAQ Bot (Sample)