• Product Plan
    • Price
      (per user)
    • Lite
    • per user

    • Lite is focused on messenger driven service with compatibility for existing systems.
    • Basic
    • per user

    • Basic is ready-to-use version for your business with all features in one.
    • Mail(30GB per user)
    • Drive(30GB per user)
    • Premium
    • per user

    • Premium is ultimate version upgraded from Basic which includes worry-free storage for your business.
    • Mail(Unlimited storage)
    • Drive(1TB per user)

・ Prices are subject to V.A.T.
・ SLA is not guaranteed during the trial period.
・ Shared storage in Lite Plan is used for Message(including Note) and Home.
・ Shared storage in Basic and Premium Plan is used for Message(including Note), Home and Drive(Group folder)

Pricing Q&A

Please tell me more about the plans.
LINE WORKS provides three types of plans.

1. Lite (¥ 300/month - Annual Contract, ¥ 360/month - Monthly Contract)
Includes Message, Free Voice & Video Calls, Calendar, Form, Contacts, Home and a total of 100GB shared storage (additional 1GB per user).

2. Basic (¥ 500/month - Annual Contract, ¥ 600/month - Monthly Contract)
Includes Home, Mail (30GB), Calendar, Form, Contacts, Message, Free Voice & Video Call, Drive (30GB), a total of 1TB shared storage (additional 1GB per user). Additional log monitoring function are provided for administrators.

3. Premium (¥ 1,000/month - Annual Contract, ¥ 1,200/month - Monthly Contract)
Includes Home, Mail (unlimited storage), Calendar, Form, Contacts, Message, Free Voice & Video Call, Drive (1TB) and a total of 10TB shared storage (additional 1GB per user). Additional log monitoring and archive function (log storage for a maximum of 10 years) are provided for administrators.
What is a trial?
LINE WORKS provides a 30-day trial in Lite, Basic, Premium for users to explore our service for free.

Try one of our plans for the free trial period, and if you wish to continue using our service, set up your payment options and billing information to switch to a paid contract.

You may choose the type of contract (Annual Contract/ Monthly Contract) when setting up your billing information.
If your trial period ends and you haven't set up billing, your LINE WORKS account will be suspended.
You may also upgrade your plan during the trial or while using the paid service.

However, please take note that once you upgrade, you may not downgrade to the previous plan.
What's an upgrade?
LINE WORKS users may upgrade to a plan with access to more features and administrator controls.

Lite users can upgrade to the Basic or Premium Plan, and Basic users can upgrade to the Premium Plan.

■ Notes on upgrading from Lite to Basic or Premium Plan.

- Adding a domain
Lite users can select a group name or domain to use as login ID, whereas Basic or Premium users can only use domain
as their login ID. Thus a domain is required for an upgrade and adding the domain is part of the process to complete
the upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, you may log in with your id@domain.

- How do I use Mail?
Basic and Premium Plan include Mail service which was not included in the Lite Plan. If you wish to use your LINE WORKS account as your email account, please visit our Help Center once the upgrade is complete. Please make sure your setup is complete to use Mail.

- How long does the upgrade take?
Upgrading from Lite to other plans takes about 10 minutes, and may take longer depending on the number of accounts. Please note that the service is not available during the upgrade process.
※ Your login status will maintain when upgrading from Basic to other plans.
What's the difference between Annual and Monthly Contract?
LINE WORKS offers two types of contracts.

1. Annual Contract

With the Annual Contract, you commit to purchasing LINE WORKS services for a full year. In return for your commitment, you pay a discounted rate compared to the Monthly Contract. However, penalties apply if you terminate the service during the contract period. You're billed monthly for the number of accounts used and account may be added or removed whenever you want.

2. Monthly Contract

With the Monthly Contract, you are billed monthly for the number of accounts you use that month. You may terminate your contract whenever you want, and you'll only pay for the service you've already used.
How and when do I pay?
LINE WORKS supports post-pay so you can pay as much as you use. Payments are made on a postpaid basis in the following month, based on the type of plan, the number of accounts and the number of days the plan was used for that month.
Can members use different plans?
Members cannot use different plans.
Only one type of plan can be purchased and only the purchased plan can be used.