Manage employees effortlessly

As an administrator, you can add multiple employees at once without employees' personal email address.
When any change occurs organization-wise, it automatically synchronizes. Reduce your managerial cost and keep each organization secured.

  • 1Add by individual

    Add by individual
  • 2Add by groups/teams

    Add by groups/teams

Efficient member management

Set position by employment types (full-time, contract, part-time, etc.), and give employees different access permissions and authorities to each service or organization information if necessary.

  • 1Set position

    Set position
  • 2Set service usage authority

    Set service usage authority
  • 3Set who can view the organization chart

    Set who can view the organization chart

Remote management of mobile devices

As more employees use mobile devices for work, lost or stolen situation is a big risk to company.
To prevent the company-related data leakage, the administrator can wipe out LINE WORKS or factory reset the device.
If you have a external Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can use it in conjunction with LINE WORKS.

  • 1Delete app data or reset device

    Delete app data or reset device
  • 2Support for external MDM interworking

    Delete app data or initialize device

Best in class mobile security

As an administrator, you can decide whether passcode is required while employees are using LINE WORKS.
You can set storage period of employees’ message and mail. Also you can set restriction for file types of attachment to prevent malware.

  • 1Mobile app security: password lock setting

    Mobile app security: password lock setting
  • 2Mobile app security

    Mobile app security
  • 3Restrict attachments

    Restrict attachments

Enhanced service monitoring

Select the service you want to view audit logs. You can search audit logs by date, task, IP address, e-mail address, and other conditions.
Create policies and search audit logs by each policy. When any action matches the condition of each policy, you can receive alerts and take any action required.

  • 1Search audit logs

  • 2Create policy for incoming mail

    Create policy for incoming mail

Securely store data

Store, search and download any related employees’ data up to 10 years.

  • 1Set archiving policy

    Settings for archiving
  • 2Create issues for data search

    Create issues for data search
  • 3Download search result

    Download search result

Useful service usage reports

Based on daily statistics on account and shared storage usage, you can identify how the service is being utilized and plan your budget accordingly.

  • 1Account usage status

    Account usage status
  • 2Shared storage usage

    Shared storage usage