Strong security, effective spam filter

For your email security, we use Transport Layer Security(TLS) and have undergone SOC2 and SOC3 audits.
Your email are protected with our latest technologies including spam filter, anti-virus scanning attachment, and detecting email spoofing.

  • 1Transport Layer Security(TLS)

    Transport Layer Security(TLS)
  • 2Blocking virus files

    Blocking virus files
  • 3Detecting email spoofing

    Detecting email spoofing

Filters, advanced search and notifications for important emails

Quickly find important emails using advanced search or built-in filters such as unread, important, and from VIP.

Change notification settings to get notified whenever you receive an important email.

  • 1Built-in filters

    Built-in filters
  • 2Advanced search

    Advanced search
  • 3Notification settings

    Notification settings
  • 4Reminder settings for each mail

    Reminder settings for each mail

Various functions for business work

You can send and receive large files and attachments directly from or to your Drive.

Increase your work efficiency with translation, bulk email, memo and calendar-integrated features.

  • 1Sending/downloading large files

    Sending/downloading large files
  • 2Translation


Contacts and mailing lists

Your contacts are linked to your mailing list automatically. So let autocomplete find the contacts for you.

You may also make mailing lists for specific projects or groups.

  • 1Email address autocomplete

    Email address autocomplete
  • 2Send to a mailing list

    Send to a mailing list

Track and recall emails

You can retrieve email in the same domain within 24 hours or longer if it hasn’t been read.

  • 1Track emails

    Track emails
  • 2Recall emails

    Recall emails