Create a survey easily

From simple questionnaires to professional survey, you can easily create survey using Form.
Select from various question types including multiple choice and short answers, drag-and-drop to reorder questions,
and customize values to make your survey perfectly fits your purpose.
Create survey with frequently used templets for business.

  • 1Various question types and templates

    Various question types and templates
  • 2Easy question type selection

    Easy question type selection
  • 3Easy editing

    Easy editing

Set out your survey in detail

Set survey period, target and who can view the response result based on your need.
You can set survey period to let the participants respond only during the period, and you can also invite specifically targeted participants to the survey.
Decide whether to disclose your survey results to the participants.

  • 1Set survey period

    Set survey period
  • 2Invite participants

    Invite participants
  • 3Set result options

    Set result options

Share your survey in a variety of ways

Share your survey to the participants in a variety of ways, including message, mail, and copying the URL.
If you choose a specific group or member as your survey target, you can share messages only to those target participants.

  • 1Send via Message

    Send via Message
  • 2Send via Mail

    Send via Mail
  • 3Send via URL

    Send via URL

Real-time automated summaries

Responses are automatically collected and analyzed, allowing you to see the results instantly without putting in any extra effort.
You can either share the survey result with others or download the survey results for your own analysis.

  • 1Survey Result

    Survey Result
  • 2Check respondents

    Check respondents
  • 3Share or download result

    Share or download result

Survey respondent check and follow-up actions

Check respondents for each survey question.
Take follow-up actions, such as sending messages and schedule invitations to the specific respondents.

  • 1Check respondents for each item

    Check respondents for each item
  • 2Check list of respondents

    Check list of respondents
  • 3Follow-up actions

    Follow-up actions