Sharing with teammates

Share files and folders with your teammates.
Set view and edit authority to secure important information.

  • 1Share folders

    Share folders
  • 2Invite members

    Invite members
  • 3View/Edit access settings

    View/Edit access settings

Simple and secure sharing

No need to worry about sharing your file links.

You can control access to your file by setting OTP authentication and expiration dates.

  • 1Access control setting

    Access control setting
  • 2Password authentication

    Password authentication
  • 3One-time password authorization

    One-time password authorization
  • 4Send links via Mail/Message

    Send links via Mail/Message
  • Send links via Mail/Message

Quick file search

Find the file you want with keywords. You can search by file name or text.

  • 1Search by file name

    Search by file name
  • 2Search by text

    Search by text

Restore older versions of files

Updated files are stored in drive in every version.
Check version history restore to the previous version at any time.

  • 1Version history

    Version history
  • Version history
  • 2Restore old versions

    Restore old versions