Multiple calendar views

Select a view type which fits your own needs in Monthly, 3-Day, Daily option.

  • 1Monthly

  • 23-Days

  • 3Daily


Easy schedule management

Easily view and add available resources to your events.
You can also check your teammates' feasibility before you schedule events. If events happen regularly, simply set Repeat.

  • 1Resource reservation

    Resource reservation
  • 2Checking teammate's schedules

    Checking teammate's schedules
  • 3Setting Repeat

    Setting Repeat

Smart scheduling for meetings

If you choose attendees and resources you need, available times are recommended automatically.
No more need to check one by one.

  • 1Recommended times and resources

    Recommended times and resources
  • Recommended times and resources

Others events in a single view

Set a meeting time by checking your teammates' feasibility in one view. 

Add them to 'Favorites' to check on regular basis. Make your events if you do not want to expose details.

  • 1View others events (PC)

    View others events (PC)
  • 2View others events (Mobile)

    View others events (Mobile)
  • 3