Multiple calendar views

Select a calendar view type that fits your needs – from Monthly, 3-Day or Daily options.

  • 1Monthly

  • 23-Days

  • 3Daily


Easy schedule management

Check your teammate’s schedule and find the available meeting room. Set repeat for events occurring regularly.

  • 1Check others’ schedule

    Check others’ schedule
  • 2Reserve available resources

    Reserve available resources
  • 3Set repeat

    Set repeat

Smart scheduling for meetings

If you choose attendees and resources you need, available times are recommended automatically.
No more need to check one by one.

  • 1Tap find available time

    Tap find available time
  • 2Add attendees

    Add attendees
  • 3Choose resources you need

    Choose resources you need
  • 4Check recommended time for your meeting

    Check recommended time for your meeting

Your teammates’ events in a single view

Schedule events quickly by checking your teammates’ availability in a single view.

Favorite them to check their schedule on regular basis. Set private for events you don’t want people to see full details of.

  • 1View others’ events (PC)

    View others’ events (PC)
  • 2View others’ events (Mobile)

    View others’ events (Mobile)
  • 3

    View others’ events (Mobile)