Logo Guidelines

Logo Guidelines

All rights (including copyrights, trademark rights, etc.) related to all designs such as logos and icons in the LINE WORKS service belong to WORKS MOBILE Japan Co., Ltd. The design provided on this page shall only be used after agreeing to all guideline contents.


The logo can be used to represent LINE WORKS services and apps. It cannot be used as a corporate logo representing WORKS MOBILE Japan Co., Ltd., or in the design described as “Not allowed” on this guide.

App icon

The app icon can be used to represent the LINE WORKS app, its functions, and services. It cannot be used as a corporate logo representing WORKS MOBILE Japan Co., Ltd. Also, the app icon should not be distorted, decorated, or colored differently than the original.


Make sure to follow the guidelines below when using the service logo and app icon.


App icon

Display guidelines

The service/brand name of LINE WORKS can only be displayed in uppercase letters with a half-width space as displayed on the logo.
It cannot be used in any other way.

Correct display


Not allowed

All logo data can only be reduced/enlarged without changing the aspect ratio to the original design.
You are not allowed to distort, decorate, or change colors when using the logo.


Do not change or distort the shape of the logo.


Do not change the color of the logo.


Logos in colors or brightness similar to the background are not allowed.
For complex background, add a white layer between the logo and background.