Work smart with Chatbot





Bot platform free for all users

Chatbot is absolutely free (Registration and use).
Technical documents needed for chatbot development can be found at LINE WORKS Developers.

Message bot offering various forms of template and two-way communication

Besides simple texts, LINE WORKS Bot is also supportive for numerous messaging templates such as buttons and stamps.
With easy-using templates, talk to your bot 1:1 and in groups.
LINE WORKS chatbot can not only join group chats, but also help to work smarter by storing conversation logs and assigning tasks.

Sample Bot which can be used directly for work just by modifying a few lines of code

We offer source code for highly utilized Bots such as T&A management-bot.
You can create a bot with some simple coding modifications and directly apply it on the work.
(*Time and Attendance management)

About Bot Development

For more information on Bot development and utilization, please check LINE WORKS Developers Document.