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LINE WORKS was integrated as a supporting tool for potential and newly entered employees. With the help of LINE WORKS, the workload of HR personnel has decreased by half, and we achieved ‘zero missing submitted file’ this year

NTT Data Getronics Corp.  Interview with Dakayama Shinske and Nahune Ganna

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Management HQ HR Dept.
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Dakamaya Shinske (Right)
IS Solutions Business Dept.
Nahune Ganna (Left)
NTT Data Zetronics offers one-stop total solution services, from IT consulting to system development, establishment, management and maintenance services. In order to recruit new graduates, NTT Data Zetronics have introduced LINE WORKS as an assistant tool to help recruitment process both before joining corporation and after starting work. We have heard from Human resources director, Manager Dakayama, and new employee, Mr.Nahune, who actually used LINE WORKS before joining NTT Data Zetronics.
Tell us about your company and individual roles
– Mr. Dakayama :
As a member of HR department, I belong to a team in which specifically in charge of recruiting and general education, centering on newly graduated employees.

– Ms. Nahune :
It has been already a month past since I first joined this company right after the graduation. Currently, I am receiving group training at the NTT Data group facility.
Why did your company decide to integrate LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Dakayama :
We first received suggestions on adopting LINE WORKS from the office during the recruitment period of newly graduates in 2017. Previously, we held office communication with emails. Although we provide email accounts to each of the newly entered employee, it was useless during the training period, since training center did not provide PCs personally.

Even though we have a website for supporting potential employees, it is only opened up until March every year. For this reason, we started to search for a communication tool which is suitable to use during the group training period and that has overall tone of the communication is not as strict as email.

We soon found that LINE WORKS was the perfect communication tool for communication between HR staffs and newly entered employees, and finally decided to introduce the tool to our company. We first made a LINE WORKS trial group which consisted with the total of 14 newly entered employees and HR staffs, and started to operate the team in March.
What were the issues before the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Dakayama :
Our major communication tool which actively utilized in last year was email. However, we always had to feel unsure about whether we checked all the important emails or not. Further, another limitation for using email was that friendly communication cannot be easily held with both of the potential and newly entered employees.

– Ms. Nahune :
Because I am still not fully aware of business manners, it is always difficult to send emails even with regarding the simple question. I sometimes missed out to check the important emails, which are randomly mixed with other junk emails.
How was LINE WORKS introduction?
– Mr. Dakayama :
LINE WORKS communication evokes friendly feelings such as having a conversation with the new employees during lunch time. We are all impressed with the LINE WORKS in terms that that it provides a space in which easygoing and informal conversation that used to be only available during the face-to-face conversation is possible.

We also use LINE WORKS stickers when talking about incidental topics. We are in love with the stickers because it definitely help us delivering our emotions.
For those foreign employees, who are taking almost half of the total number of newly entered employees, we believe that LINE WORKS adoption would bring great advantages to them as well. They may feel uncertain about emailing since they are not as fluent as native Japanese and also they are unfriendly with humble language used in Japan. Even Japanese employees feel uncomfortable using polite language when they first enter the company. That means, there is higher chance for foreign employees to feel painful about having communication through email. LINE WORKS messaging, however, can be a great tool for foreign employees to foster their Japanese skills.
– Ms. Nahune :
I have experience in using LINE while working as a part-time job worker. However, I have never thought about using communication tool like LINE at the company. So, it was pretty refreshing to be when I first encountered LINE WORKS at this office. Since all the employees including myself were already used to LINE app operation, we could easily reach out to use LINE WORKS. Although many of my colleagues are multinational and came from various countries, we are all using LINE WORKS with no difficulty.
Unlike having an actual conversation, we can keep our own pace of communication if using LINE WORKS. We even receive positive feedbacks from our multinational colleagues about easy operation of LINE WORKS. Together, everyone can actively initiate the conversation through LINE WORKS.
How exactly LINE WORKS is being used?
– Mr. Dakayama :
For example, we email the employees when sending formal and official messages like notification for company entrance date. We are utilizing LINE WORKS when sending out information on meet up place, preparations, and assignments for the next day meeting. We also utilize LINE WORKS when providing detailed supports for each individual like checking the procedure documents together.

LINE WORKS also plays a great role when we share current information of the company to those employees who are on maternity leave. Although it is not a business contact, we can easily share recent work-related issues with the colleagues who are away from our company for a while with LINE WORKS.

– Ms. Nahune : We also utilize LINE WORKS when checking trivial issues with relation to the company admittance or HR affairs. We use group chat rooms for the issues we would like to share together, and use individual chat rooms with the things that need to be shared privately.
Example of communication between potential employee and HR staff
Example of information announcement using Home function
What are the effects after the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Dakayama :
What we found most intriguing about LINE WORKS is that communication can be made in a simple manner and we can find to see whether the employees checked the notice or not. Our biggest challenge we face every season is that overall workflow is being delayed due to late document submissions. For example, I recently announced the employees to bring temporary health insurance card when visiting the company to replace it to the real card.
In the past, we used to have several employees who forgot to bring the temporary card, and caused the delay in the overall replacement process. With the help of LINE WORKS, however, we could send a reminder on the chat room right before the day, guiding them to bring their old temporary card. As a result, there were no employee who forgot to bring their cards. After LINE WORKS integration, overall workload of the HR department, including re-creating, checking for delay, and confirming of the company entry document, has been reduced dramatically to the half of last year.

Before LINE WORKS adoption, we used email to send reminders for the notice. In this case, we were unsure whether the employees checked the reminder or not. To solve this, the employees were asked to send email replies like ‘Notice checked’ once they read the notice.

We thought that asking to send simple email replies like ‘I checked the notice’ would be no big deal for every employee including the newly entered employees and potential candidate of our company. However, that soon found to be a false idea. Instead, we found out that sending simply written emails was even more burdensome to the potential candidates. Thinking back to the times when I first started my career, it would have been much harder for me as well to send one sentence written email to the seniors. Once we find any special issue that needs to be checked once again, HR staffs have to reply back to the emails received. It took about 1 day, and maximum of 2 to 3 days to complete the communication. With LINE WORKS, however, the overall task takes only about 5 to 10 minutes.

Another strong point of LINE WORKS messenger is that it helps us from not sending repetitive messages. That means, if someone asks question on the group chatting room, it only requires one time answer since the other group members can check the answer as well. Further, ‘Read’ notification is very much helpful feature to us. We are truly feeling the positive changes made with LINE WORKS.

For HR staffs like myself, we are fully satisfied with the PC version of LINE WORKS as well. One of the reasons is that writing long sentences are much easier with the computer.
– Ms. Nahune :
It is true the formal communication can easily be made with the email. However, as the admittance date has coming closer, more questions, whether trivial or major, are coming out from the potential candidates. And LINE WORKS plays a key role to comfortably handle all the questions. Specifically, it becomes much easier to contact the HR department. It is now convenient to have communication with other employees easily, but we are aware of that we should all be careful about information leakage as well as keep the courtesy attitude all the time.
The design of LINE WORKS app is distinguishable from that of LINE and therefore, it is not hard to distinguish the two. Further, we no longer have to worry about missing urgent messages. By distinguishing the two applications, we do not have to worry about missing urgent information from LINE WORKS.
How did the communication with the newly entered employees change after LINE WORKS adoption?
-Mr. Dakayama :
Our company provides a two-month group training to the newly entered employees. During the training, those employees will stay in the training center, located far from the office. Previously, it was difficult for us to understand condition or the emotions of each participants.

After LINE WORKS integration, it has become easier for each individual to ask for a consulting on anxieties they felt at the training or the relationship affairs. This has enabled us to provide proper response or support to the inquiries and act accordingly. Just by using LINE WORKS stickers, we can loosen up and change the stiff and hard atmosphere to soft and welcoming. Also, making comfortable communication is not difficult if using LINE WORKS.
How do you want to utilize LINE WORKS in the future?
We are still finding for the best method to utilize LINE WORKS, such as how to distinguish LINE WORKS emails from personal emails, by continuously using LINE WORKS at the office. Near in the future, we will the expand the trial group applicants to those who have pass the primary examination. This way, we are expecting to use LINE WORKS more actively in the overall recruitment system.

Additionally, there is not correct answer for the HR and personnel affairs. For this reason, we find it necessary way to utilize LINE WORKS for each team-basis. Yet, it is hard for employees to gather up and discuss about such issue. What we believe to be the strong point of LINE WORKS is that it enables us to continue positive discussions during each remaining time. Based on this, we would like to make LINE WORKS as a forum for the discussion and information sharing within HR department.

※ All details, affiliations, and positions specified were gathered at the time of interview.