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We congratulate students on passing license examination with the LINE WORKS stickers. When adjusting the driving lesson schedule, communication between the customer and the instructor has become smooth by utilizing a flawless linkage with LINE

Izumi Driving School Co., Ltd.   Interview with Shuzi Hanzawa and Hiroe Endo

Izumi Driving School Co., Ltd.

Shuzi Hanzawa (Left)
Hiroe Endo (right)
Izumi Driving School Co., Ltd. strives to provide quality service by assigning instructors for each client. The company introduced LINE WORKS to encourage smooth and stable communication between the clients and the instructors. We interviewed Mr. Shuzi, Manager and instructor Ms. Hiroe, and instructor Simanuki about the introduction, use cases, and effects after the introduction.
Tell us about your company and individual roles
–  Mr. Shuzi :
We are driving school with management system, which instructor manages more than 50% out of entire lesson period with the assigned clients. With this system, fluent communication between the instructor and the client is possible. Also, giving accurate and perfectly matched lesson is possible since the instructor can read the condition of the client in detail. Some people may think ‘driving school instructors are scary’. However, we are trying our best to provide delicate service in order for clients to learn driving joyfully under comfortable environment like home.
– Ms. Hiroe :
As a manager and instructor, I am in charge of lessons and examination. This time, I took part in LINE WORKS introduction.
What were the issues before the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Ms. Hiroe :
In our company, the instructor and the client directly contact each other to schedule lesson. If the client is students, we also share personal schedules of the client, such as school, club activities, part-time job schedules and communicate further to arrange the lesson schedule. Eventually, the instructor and the client should communicate a lot. Previously, we used PHS when contacting our clients. However, there were times when we could not reach our clients through phone calls. If the client were students, they could not answer the phone calls due to busy schedules like classes and part-time jobs. For assigned instructors, they could not easily answer the phone calls due to the lessons.
– Simanuki :
As an instructor of this school, I am in charge of lessons and examination. Likewise, I was feeling uncomfortable since I had a lot of trouble getting phone calls. I even used SMS when needed to make an urgent calls. Even if the clients were not able to receive the phone call, some of them still replied back through SMS. With this reason, we were thinking of having another communication tool other than phone calls.

– Mr. Shuzi :
For younger generation clients, communication through phone calls with their instructor may feel burdensome. We have heard that even between the close friends, they first send LINE message like ‘Can I call you right now?’, and actually make phone calls to their friends. Calling and receiving the phone calls from the instructor, who is in different age and position, itself must have felt much more uncomfortable to those young clients.
What was the decisive reason that drove you to turn to LINE WORKS?
– Ms. Hiroe :
Most of our clients are young people in their 10s and 20s. We found out that younger generations prefer communication on their convenient time. We have heard opinion from the young people that they feel tired of both thinking about sentences and writing them when communicating through email. Based on such opinion, we expected LINE as the most suitable to communicate with the younger generation clients. Since we have been using LINE for personal purpose, we already acknowledged that LINE is comfortable to use.
– Mr. Shuzi :
We have already tried other messenger for business communication in the past. When thinking about communication with the clients, LINE was the best fit for us since it has high penetration rate in Japan. However, the company could not manage all the LINE accounts, and we felt a bit worrisome about the instructor contacting their client through their personal LINE accounts.

While doing so, we accidentally found LINE WORKS at one of the seminars we attended.
What we liked the about LINE WORKS was that the tool was connected to LINE, one of the familiar apps to those younger generation, and also enables chatting with LINE accounts. Furthermore, because managing as well as monitoring was possible with the tool, we could also see what and how instructors are communicating with their clients. I also felt overwhelmingly attracted by the fact that the LINE sticker was already included and ready to use. After all of this, we decided to adopt it without considering other tools.
How exactly LINE WORKS is being used?
– Simanuki :
Basically, we use LINE WORKS for scheduling for lessons or adjusting time schedule with our clients. If the client is a student, we may schedule a lesson after reviewing the client’s class schedule with a photo of the class timetable. In addition to this, when the client passes the examination, they send a congratulatory messages like ‘Congratulations!’. on the contrary to this, if the client did not pass the examination, we can also bring cheer to the client with the message like ‘Let’s work harder for next time!’. We feel that LINE WORKS is attractive in terms of being able to have casual conversation easily.

– Ms. Hiroe :
Currently, 20 of our instructor have the LINE WORKS account. Not only communicating with the client, we also use LINE WORKS by creating groups and use them for business contacts. We have groups with all the instructors are included, and also have smaller groups for each department. With ‘Read’ notification, it is convenient to know instantly whether the message has been read. Also, unlike having an oral conversation, we can prevent ourselves from miscommunication by leaving the communication logs on the chatting room.
Example of chatting with customer using LINE account
Example of chatting with customer using LINE account
What are the effects after the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Simanuki :
We feel much convenient when communicating with client through LINE WORKS than communicating through phone calls. After the introduction, we can receive replies from the clients in a prompt manner, and this is much helpful.  Furthermore, we have received positive feedbacks from our clients about being able to contact their instructor immediately if needed. Since we can connect to LINE and communicate through both tools flawlessly, we also received a lot of positive feedbacks regarding sending and replying to the message at any time without feeling burden or inconvenient to contact.
– Mr. Shuzi :
After the introduction of LINE WORKS, our management department is feeling at ease since communication with our clients has become smooth and manageable.

As we start to communicate each other based on a notion that ‘It is well managed’, we think that attitude of the instructors toward client communication has changed in more courteous and sincere manner. Moreover, after we choose LINE WORKS as our official communication channel, we have been feeling more ensuring than before because we are less likely to communicate through personal LINE account or SMS. LINE WORKS is attractive enough to use the paid version. Specifically, security can be relieved and customer response is well maintained.

– Ms. Hiroe :
This is what we did not expect from LINE WORKS, but the workload of the receptionists has alleviated than before as the customer and instructor communication becomes easier. Up until today, we often received complaints from the clients that ‘I could not reach my instructor, even though I made a call to my instructor’s PHS’. After the introduction, however, the volume of the complaining call has reduced, and therefore, the burdensome of the receptionists to deliver such note has also reduced.

Communication with graduated clients has also changed. After graduation, they can still contact the instructor through LINE. For this reason, there have been increase in the number of clients who contact the instructor and the school to notify their examination result like ‘I passed the examination and received the license’. There are also increased in cases such as graduated clients introduce the school to the friends who want to enter. It is an annoying thing to contact by phone or e-mail after graduation. But, we believe that this is the effect which LINE and LINE WORKS can only make by enabling the users to easily contact one another.

– Mr. Shuzi :
Our school consider communication important. For this reason, we think it is very desirable to have close interaction between the clients and the instructors with such tool. By actively utilize LINE WORKS in the future, we hope to have better relationship between the instructor and also hope to continue provide quality service by actively utilize LINE WORKS.

※ All details, affiliations, and positions specified were gathered at the time of interview.