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We are the first career center to communicate with prospective employees via LINE. LINE WORKS helps us to both improve our service and reform our working style, by enabling us to make proposals that perfectly fits our client request and also reduces unnecessary meetings

Career Design Center Corp.  Interview with Mishima Hiroya and Matsunaga Dakuya

Career Design Center Corp.

Career Agent Division
Client Service Division Director
Mishima Hiroya (Right)
Executive Division Account Specialist Manager
Matsunaga Dakuya (Left)
Taking ‘Good Career, Good Life’ as a company motto, Career Design Center operates both media information and career business. For the purpose of information sharing and prospective employee communication, the company is utilizing LINE WORKS. We interviewed director Mishima Hiroya and manager Matsunaga Dakuya, who promoted implementation of LINE WORKS.
Tell us about your company and individual roles
– Mr. Mishima :
Our company started from career job search magazine, and now operates media business called ‘@type’ and ‘women career @type’ in order to provide career solutions to our clients. Our work can be called as a career service center in which mediates between ‘recruitment’, which is a basis of the corporate management, and ‘career choice’, the most important decision to be made.
As a part of type career agent department with more than 160 employees, I am responsible for sales management, workflow improvement, recruitment planning, training, and define the infra of the system.

– Mr. Matsunaga :
As a career adviser, I am in charge of counseling with the clients who are eager to change their job and share issues to our company.
What were the issues before the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Mishima :
In recent years, inquiries from client companies and registrations of prospective employees have increased dramatically. In order to limitlessly provide high quality service, we have to focus and spend our time more on the works that are closely related to our customers, such as counseling the prospective employees and consulting with the client companies, instead of requiring formal works like scheduling the meetings. That is, it is important to increase the productivity of each individual to realize ‘No.1 on service experience’, that our company promotes.
For example, career advisor, who is in charge of providing advice on career design to individual prospective employee, received 200 to 300 emails every day. If they spend too much time on managing those mails, delays in providing service to the client companies and prospective employees is inevitable. To solve this issue, we have been looking out for a solution that would enable us to enjoy both effective and efficient communication.

Holding a lot of meetings was another obstacle to be removed. For most of our employees, they had several weekly meetings as well as individual meetings to attend. At the same time, we received the voice from our employees that they should diminish the number of meetings as a part of work style reformation project.

Under such circumstance, we brought up with an idea to integrate business chatting. We thought that the system would enable us to have faster communication as well as fosters our work efficiency, and eventually reduce the meeting time. At the end of our expectation, we found LINE WORKS.
What was the decisive reason that drove you to turn to LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Mishima :
There is no limitation on using LINE WORKS because the user interaction is identical to that of LINE. From the feature-perspective, ‘Read’ notification, ‘Note’ and easy group management can be the reason for LINE WORKS integration. Reasonable price was also the point that we found attractive.
What played a key role when persuading our employees for LINE WORKS integration was the ‘Connection with LINE’. The powerful connection with LINE verified popular with employees. Recently, we are most likely to use messengers like LINE for the personal communication than emails or phone calls. We had a strong belief that we would be able to enhance our service quality as well as make better for the communication speed if we were to contact with our prospective employees via LINE. This strong belief ultimately led us to introduce LINE WORKS to our company.
What was the decisive reason that drove you to turn to LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Mishima :
We are operating LINE WORKS for the communication between career advisor and sales staff who is charge of client companies. In addition to send collective notifications for the entire business unit or project team, we use LINE WORKS to share latest job offers and counseling results. In addition to send collective notifications for the entire business unit or project team, we use LINE WORKS to share latest job offers and counseling results. Before LINE WORKS integration, we had to share recruitment schedules and its progressing status face-to-face. But, now LINE WORKS helps us to overcome such hardship and improve our communication and collaboration by allowing us to make chatting room. We are now sharing our agendas and progress by creating group chatting room that includes career advisor, salesperson for each prospective employee. Even without holding a face-to-face meeting, we can still check both job opening schedules and how it progress with the candidates.

We conduct a survey our clients who successfully changed their job with us. Before introduction, the advisor, who was in charge of the client, share the survey result to entire company via email. But because the sharing was hand-operated, it was unavoidable for some of those advisors to sometimes miss the timing to share the information. After LINE WORKS introduction, the survey result could easily be shared through ‘Note’ feature, provided inside the chatting room. Advisors no longer feel burdensome sharing the information, instead, they actively update the information. Like this, LINE WORKS plays an integral role in reforming our work style by allowing us to communicate and collaborate better.

– Mr. Matsunaga :
Not only the emotions of job seeking candidates but also the situation of the client companies changes every day in an accordance to the counseling with their career advisor and their interview status. In such circumstance, LINE WORKS has not only created the ecosystem for us to share the latest information with our clients, but also helped us to make improvement in customer service quality to benefit our customers for the most.

The benefit of LINE WORKS has actually proved with the increased number of matchings made in between the prospective employees and the recruiting companies. And, we believe that this has resulted from the simplification of recruiting descriptions and agendas.
Example of conducting a survey using ‘Note’ feature inside the chatting room
How exactly LINE WORKS is being used? Also, What are the effects after the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Mr. Mishima :
We are utilizing LINE WORKS when contacting with the prospective employees who want to change their job. At the very first meeting, we notify the LINE WORKS account and ask them to ‘add as a friend’ on their LINE account. Basically, we share information like meeting schedules via email. But, we communicate via messenger when sharing light conversation and receiving casual questions from our clients. That is to say, messenger is an ‘assistant tool’ for email.

For example, if we use LINE WORKS messenger to send messages like ‘How do you like about the information that we sent you?’ to those who have not been replying to our emails, we receive replies even within 10 seconds. Unlike emails, message can be read without having to put extra efforts. Taking this as an advantage, we gained higher chance to receive fast replies from our clients and make accordance to the possible issues in a timely manner.

80% of our candidates who want to change their jobs are still working in their office. For this reason, there are certain time frame which we can contact them. With the help of LINE WORKS, we are able to message those candidates even on their working time, while keeping the quality of the communication. We are feeling that LINE WORKS is offering ready-to-go service to work collaboratively with LINE. And it is advantageous to us since we have a number of clients age in between 20s and 30s.

As LINE WORKS helps us facilitate easier communication between us and our clients, we are also receiving detailed inquiries from our clients like ‘I would like to know more about the companies that are similar to OO’ or ‘Could you please check my resume again?’. We think that the more we listen from our clients, the better service we can provide. We believe that this could be our key strength that differentiates us from other competitors.
How did the ‘Work style reformation’ go?
– Mr. Mishima :
We no longer have to worry about meetings. Before LINE WORKS integration, we had a number of meetings for one agenda, and spent great amount of time for each meeting since we discuss everything at the meetings only. But we transformed such tradition using LINE WORKS. We now discuss about the agenda via LINE WORKS first, and hold the meeting after having some time to think and brainstorm about the agenda. We further limited the time frame for the meetings to 30 minutes under the newly made rule ‘We should not using our meeting as a brainstorming time’. With an effort to make change, we feel that duration of each meeting time has reduced down up to 50%.

LINE WORKS introduction has also led us to use less of the email. On a quantitative level, emailing has reduced by 25%. LINE WORKS chatting enables us to communicate with a fewer letters and also share light information when comparing with email. Although the volume of the emails that we share have decreased, we feel that information is much more flourishing than before.
How did your clients or employees respond to LINE WORKS integration?
– Mr. Matsunaga :
We are receiving compliments from our career advisors or clients that ‘LINE WORKS made our communication smoother than before’, ‘It is easier to manage the schedules than email’, and ‘I feel closely related to the people via LINE WORKS’. If we tell our clients that we can communicate via LINE, about 70-80% of our clients are contacting us via LINE.
– Mr. Mishima :
Before using LINE connection function, we have used LINE WORKS only for office communication. As LINE connection function is used to communicate with prospective employees through LINE, there are growing voices from our employees to use LINE WORKS more actively. We are feeling that LINE WORKS adoption is happening naturally, and successfully settled down to us.

From now on, we would love to expand the use of mobile application. If we can communicate via LINE WORKS chatting even during the time working outside, we believe that this would eventually improve our work style.

※ All details, affiliations, and positions specified were gathered at the time of interview.