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As soon as we introduce LINE WORKS to our medical beauty clinic, we no longer use memo and reporting/contacting/consulting can quickly be conducted than before. Cooperative atmosphere has also reinforced across the employees working in different office

Bishin Corp.  Interview with Obayashi Mika and Miyabe Marina

Bishin Corporation Dr. KOTANI BEAUTY CLINIC

Ikebukuro Store Assistant Manager
Obayashi Mika(Right)
Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Store General Leader
Miyabe Marina (Left)
As a clinical beauty shop in Tokyo and Kyushu, Bishin Corporation Dr. KOTANI BEAUTY CLINIC also engages in the manufacture and sale of related products such as cosmetics and hairdressing equipment. The company introduced LINE WORKS as a tool to communicate quickly, accurately employees, as well as share information, reports, and consultation records. We interviewed Ms. Obayashi, who is in charge of 2 stores located in Ikebukuro and Ms. Miyabe, the general leader of Ikebukuro Sunshine Street store, about the introduction, how they use the tool, and changes made after the introduction.
Tell us about your company and individual roles
– Ms. Obayashi :
Our company have 15 medical esthetic shops at Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Gagoshima. We do produce and sell cosmetics and beauty devices, as well as provide integrated management service. I specifically manages 2 stores at Ikebukuro and in charge of providing beauty counseling, beauty advice to customers, and staff training.
– Ms. Miyabe :
I am general leader of Ikebukuro Sunshine Street store. For the most time, I am in charge of counseling and medical procedure. Other than that, I am also in charge of communication with sales and management department.
What were the issues before the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Ms. Obayashi :
Before introducing LINE WORKS, we used email, phone calls, and fax for the most of time for communication. In other case, we leave hand-written messages. It is true that most of our employees have email accounts. However, computers were only located at the office, and therefore, for those who are working at the field could only check and reply to the emails only at their recess time or morning or night time when they visit the office. For this reason, we emergency contact is needed, we had to deliver the message after the meeting or leave message at the table.
Since written memo cannot be tracked, no one could make sure whether the message was delivered to the recipient successfully or not. Also, we sometimes forgot to check the afterward. Even if the recipient received the message, they sometimes could not reply back to tell that they actually read the message. Due to these limitations, there was significant amount of time loss made during the communication.

To solve this, we introduced another enterprise version of collaboration tool other than LINE WORKS. However, only store manager and office employees were using the tool, while store staffs communication and interoffice communication were still working with the tools that were originally used, such as phone calls, fax, or email. Under such circumstance, we also found some of our store staffs were using LINE, and we felt insecure from the issues related to the communication, in the perspective of compliance. Also, the chatting tool, which we introduced at the moment, did not provide ‘Read’ notification, and therefore, we had to experience unwelcoming issues in relation to the speed of ‘report/contact/customer consulting’. To solve this issue, we have decided to introduce LINE WORKS to our stores, expecting the tool to enable our employees to use both LINE and this tool. We also expect that LINE WORKS would be the tool make our communication much fluent than before. We could definitely feel assured about security since LINE WORKS was built with the enterprise security requirements. ‘Read’ notification also played a key role to our decision making.
How was your LINE WORKS introduction?
– Ms. Obayashi :
There was no need to educate how-to of LINE WORKS, because the instruction was aligned with that of LINE. LINE is the app that has already been used by everyone, and therefore, all the employees could seamlessly use LINE WORKS even from their first use. LINE WORKS also gained a positive reputation for providing stickers, which are originally paid version in LINE, for free.
How exactly LINE WORKS is being used? And how do you use LINE WORKS the most?
– Ms. Obayashi :
I use LINE WORKS the most when reporting the store revenue. We opened up chatting room for each store, and the store managers report the store revenue under certain format. Also, in the perspective of manager, I started to see what our CEO wants to deliver or grasp in detail. In this sense, LINE WORKS plays a great role in between me and the CEO. When the boss came up with ideas or thoughts, those can be immediately delivered through LINE WORKS. On that account, I could still communicate with the boss, even without having to meet him face-to-face. After the introduction, the CEO often send messages like ‘Good morning! Cheer up for today!’ to all the employees. And, we believe that this had led us to have direct communicate with our boss more actively.
– Ms. Miyabe :
I frequently use LINE WORKS for store communication and customer information sharing. In Ikebukuro, we have both Ikebukuro store and Ikebukuro Sunshine Street store. If one of the stores is fully booked, we are redirecting our customers to the other store and offer the service. Originally, we have designated one specific store to deal with the customer issues.
For this reason, if we were to send customers from one store to the other, it was inevitable to make phone calls to the other store to check the customer information. Upon LINE WORKS implementation, however, it has enabled us to attach the medical record of the customer directly, and it ultimately led us to experience flawless information management across an integrated environment.
What do you find convenient or change in the workplace with the introduction of LINE WORKS?
– Ms. Obayashi :
After LINE WORKS implementation, memo communication have been diminishing. Major communication style in the past was based upon computers, and for that reason, it was inevitable that only store managers and few admins from the headquarters could communicate themselves. Upon implementation, LINE WORKS has been instrumental in helping us stay connected with store staffs as well as the boss by allowing us to use smartphones.
Further, LINE WORKS Groups feature has not only streamlined our reporting process but also fostered the eagerness from the juniors to freely open their opinion. For seniors, additionally, are now feeling much comfortable giving the juniors a guidance. It is great that voice from our employees can be well-delivered through LINE WORKS.

– Ms. Miyabe :
After switching to LINE WORKS, work-related reports, contacts, and consulting have become much easier. We often hesitated to share messages whether we find important but not urgent or absurd to find out whether the message is high priority to the person. Specifically, we feel that we are spending others time meaninglessly when calling the others while they are working. With LINE WORKS, instead, we can make changes to our way of communication. Because LINE WORKS enables our employees to check the messages while they have free time, we chose to send messages if the issue is light and less urgent, and make phone calls for the urgent issues. After LINE WORKS implementation, we are feeling comfortable and easy to share information and reports.

LINE WORKS is so valuable to us since this provides us chance to listen and care for others. It empowered every employee to be closely connected and well communicated with the other employees. By doing so, we got chances to find out their situations that would have been never realized or acknowledged before, and as a result, it enables us to feel companionship with the staffs from other stores. Even without being able to meet the staffs from the other store face-to-face due to its physical distance, LINE WORKS account profile with their photos uploaded help us to feel emotionally bonded to one another. For example, if new store event begins, we start to feel curious about the reactions from our customers. Just by listening and sharing such information, not only staffs from our store but also the staffs from other store feel that we are all working hard together. And, this definitely is the positive change made as we are integrated with LINE WORKS. As we are also sharing results from the successfully held events, this has been bringing positive changes to our store by either referring or introducing the success tactics shared.

※ All details, affiliations, and positions specified were gathered at the time of interview.