LINE WORKS Customer Stories

Mizuho Bank
By establishing an information management system, we secured an environment that the sales representative could securely use LINE WORKS.
Taisei Co., Ltd.
By utilizing LINE WORKS as a communication tool for large-scale construction sites, we could significantly reduce the time it takes to contact and deliver announcements to employees.
Tochigi Toyota Motors Corporation
We established a system for all employees to share information swiftly and reliably. Now we can provide effective support to improve customer satisfaction.
LINE Corp.
Slack is like a light meeting in an open space. Whereas, LINE WORKS is more like a crucial meeting held with key members.

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    Noevir Holdings

    The system for information exchange between distributors and sales representatives has improved significantly. We plan to expand LINE WORKS as the primary business hub for team collaboration among all affiliated companies by connecting it with new and legacy infrastructures.

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    Hinokiya Group Co., Ltd.

    LINE WORKS was introduced to Hinokiya Group as a tool to communicate with customers visiting house exhibition halls. As a result, acquisition of contacts doubled, and the amount of conversations after initial contact has increased three times over. This has led to differentiation over competitor companies.

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    Chiba University Hospital

    LINE WORKS is a must in the field of emergency medical care, serving as an innovative tool in providing speedy yet high-quality medical services.

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